Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Research Title

Based all on the research questions we have gone through, we found that 7."A study of factors that are contributing to the rich-poor gap in Singapore?" is an interesting topic that our group should look into.As we researched deeper into it,we will realised that how many things in life could affect the rich-poor gap,for example, technology and limited jobs that pay high salary.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

About us

For this year 2014 S2-06 IRS Group G,our group consist of Wong Min Xian/me ,Ramanathan Kumarappan and Ray Ang.Out of the 15 topics in Global Challenges,we have chosen our topic to be:Rich-poor Gap.After choosing this topic,we have came up with a few project titles and will be choosing one of them to work with.Here are all the examples of the project titles we came up with:

1.Are most of the rich-poor gap in every country increasing or decreasing?Why is it decreasing/increasing(depends)?
2.Against 100%,how many people are determined to decreased the rich-poor gap?Why?
3.Is the government of Singapore doing anything to shorten the rich-poor gap?
4.In the rich-poor gap,is it the poor widening the gap or is it the rich widening the gap?
5.Are the poor to be blamed for not being able to shorten the gap or are the rich to be blamed for widening the gap?
6.Will the rich still be rich in the future to follow and maintain the gap distance between the poor or will the poor catch up and shorten the gap distance?
7.A study of factors that are contributing to the rich-poor gap in Singapore?
8. Are most of the poor people bankrupt?
9. What is bankrupt and how does it increase the rich poor gap?